Technological Innovation to Develop New Theme Shoe
Twelfth China Jinjiang International Footwear Expo April 19 opening of the city in the United States flag Fair as a bright spot shoes Shoes and technological achievements Museum, has witnessed the development process of the footwear industry in Jinjiang

"Innovation in Enterprise Alliance" initiative set up "Innovation Day" - Innovation Day, innovative Chinese enterprises Alliance -
In the recently held "the First China Enterprise Innovation Day and 2009 (ninth) China Enterprise Innovation Forum" launching ceremony, the Chinese Association of Productivity Science, Institute of the Chinese market, China Daily and China Central Television Enterprises Economy Channel "China Financial Report" launched, more than 100 innovative enterprises co-founded the "Innovation in Enterprise Alliance" initiative issued, every year on June 6 as "Innovation Day." By then, the "Innovation in Enterprise Alliance" will host the "China Enterprises Innovation Forum", "China Business Innovation Expo", "Chinese character selection Innovation" and a series of activit ...

Smith: Edwards was a passing innovator
When Lavell Edwards watched the Auburn-Arkansas game a few weeks ago, he was amused as he recalled the many times in the past when he heard Pat Dye, the Tigers' former coach, chide coaches with high-octane offenses like Brigham Young.

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